Our activity: design and manufacture of entrance mats!

Entrance mats


Entrancemattingsystems.co.uk offers high quality entrance mats, and made to measure ones with a wide choice of material and colours.

This quality requirement is the essential point of entrancemattingsystems.co.uk since its creation. Our company relies on the quality of its services, its products as well as its team members and their expertise in the entrance mats sector.

Available and at your disposal, we do everything we can to meet your expectations. We do our best in order to provide you the best service: a customer service reactive and available 5 days per week, help you to answer all your questions and needs, professional advices to install your mat… Moreover, we manufacture all your mats as soon as we receive your order confirmation, in 10 working days.

All the mats manufactured by entrancemattingsystems.co.uk are available on www.entrancemattingsystems.co.uk as well as on the Belgian, German, French and Swiss version.


An exclusive concept

Aware of welcome place importance in a public building, entrancemattingsystems.co.uk gives particular attention to the conception and realisation of mats perfectly efficient and tailored to customer needs and the configuration of the places. We recommend the entrance system in 3 zones. This perfect solution guarantees an optimal cleanliness and offers a lot of advantages. The visitors coming from the outside bring big dirt under their shoes (sand, gravel, twigs, leaves…). These stains are caught by a first zone coated with a mat with black rubber or brush stripes. They are resistant to wear, and to the passage of rolling loads. Thanks to these mattings, coarse dirt are retained. The next zone, zone 2, is equipped with a mat for fine dirt. The reps (ribbed carpet insert) is the perfect material in this case. It is directly inserted in very resistant and efficient webs into the aluminium profiles of the mat . It is available in 10, 17 and 22 mm high, in classic and strengthened version. The zone 3 allows to catch moisture and reaches the maximum protection for the mattings of surrounding soil and the cost reduction. The concept of entrance building systems en 3 successive zones guarantees a true cleanliness and for dampening noises. From an aesthetic and visual point of view, it offers a variety of combinations, according to the constraints and taste of everyone.


A unique proactive force

We create and manufacture various models of carpets at the request. This cutting-edge company draws on the expertise of its employees to develop its ranges of products. Our efficient sales interfaces are formed by various professional networks. They are listening demanding clients who want to have a wide range of bespoke mats only manufactured at their request. The construction companies, or building materials retailers, flooring companies and/or painting and various companies such as Celio, Claire’s, Carrefour, Mercedes, H&M are our business partners.

Our public and private specifiers customers managing buildings open to a large public or important customers, are seduced by our proactive force and our reactivity. Whether it be a media library welcoming 2.5 millions of visitors per year or a mall, our technical teams in factory and on place, manufacture, assemble at the earliest all the mats for heavy trafic building entrances. All the projects are realised and designed for an optimal efficiency.

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