Coir Mats

Coir is the traditional door mat material of choice when it comes to removing and trapping dirt from your shoes and stop it being tracked inside your house.

Here are 9 reasons why coir mats are so popular and effective:

  • Coir door mats are made from the husk material extracted from the outside of coconuts. These natural fibres are good for brushing and scraping the bottoms of shoes without the need for processing or blending with manmade fibres like polyester or vinyl.
  • This lack of processing means coir is friendlier to Mother Nature. Less energy and resources are spent on their manufacture and they cause no harm to the environment when you throw them away compared to rubber, plastic, vinyl, and PVC mats.
  • But unlike other natural materials and organic products that don’t quite cut it when it comes to performance, coir based mats boast rugged, cross directional bristles for removing dirt and mud from hard to reach places easily and quickly.
  • The other unexpected benefit of natural coir fibres is that they are long lasting and coir mats are cheaper than other mats, meaning you can keep on using them for years and not having to replace them. This doesn’t mean hanging on to a tattered looking mat, however, because coir door mats will maintain their shape and superior brushing power for years to come.
  • These door mats are usually used indoors. Regardless of their durable properties, they might not endure the heaviest of foot traffic.
  • Coir mats are bristly and their rough surface scrapes off debris from your shoes as well as mud and moisture from wet boots. They will hold everything inside so it can’t escape and then dry quickly so they’re ready for the next job.
  • You’d think that a door mat that can absorb so much dust, dirt and mud would become so filthy and soiled that your only option is to throw it out and get a new one. But coir is surprisingly easy to clean. Simply pick it up and shake or brush the dirt out in your backyard or balcony.
  • Just because they are made from natural coconut husk doesn’t mean you have to settle for their dark tan colour. Special dyes mean you can buy a coir mat in a wide range of colours to match the style of your house. Moreover, you can request its precise dimensions to make it fit perfectly.
  • Last but not least, mats made with coir are incredibly affordable despite the fact that you can request different sizes and colours as well as not having to replace your entrance mat for a long time.

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