ALUMINIUM ENTRANCE MATS gives particular attention to dirt restraint systems that protect building halls and offices. The aluminium entrance matting systems, designed for heavy traffic, are perfectly suitable for this use. They are the most resistant mats on the market.

Qualities that guarantee a perfect product

The first impression felt by a visitor or a client is very important for the image. A muffled and warm clean area participates in a pleasant shop or building atmosphere. The several possibilities offered by the built-in mats, in design, models, forms or colours give a qualitative answer to every need. These products are fully adaptable to the building constraints.

The models offered by, all in higher quality, demonstrated their longevity. Their characteristics, such as the absorption capacity, the weather resistance,  the adaptation to rolling load passages such as wheel chairs, assure a foolproof function.They preserve of any risk of falling and any accident thanks to their non-slip qualities. We know that these untimely slipping cause 12% of the workplace accidents and a lot of them imply seniors over 60. It is essential to guarante the safety of persons, going to buildings, on rainy days, when various materials adhere to shoes.

A top quality assured by technical characteristics

The built-in mat has an aluminium frame which does the junction between the existing floor and the mat. The aluminium profiles that make the mat, are extremely solid. They are insensitive to temperature variations and pass the test of time very well.

The mat placed in the aluminium frame is perfectly maintained thanks to the precise dimensions of the frame. Its height is variable: 13 or 22 mm high, for a thickness of 1.5 or 3 mm high. It is also delivered with anchors and fasteners. The mat is 10, 17 or 22 mm high.  3 mattings are proposed: reps (ribbed carpet insert), rubber, or brush stripes:

Reps: for small dirt, for indoor or under cover spaces, resist to rolling load passages. The Reps can be combinated with black rubber or brush stripes for a better resistance.

Our aluminium mats: 10R, 17R, 22R, 17RCB

Black rubber: for medium or big dirt, outdoor, resist to rolling load passages. Black rubber can be combinated with brush stripes: 17G, 22 G, 17 GCB

Brush stripe profiles: for big dirt and outdoor: 17CB, 22CB


All the materials used are the subject of very important quality controls that guarantee a total reliability of these products.



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