Heavy traffic entrance mats



Places open to public know that it is very important to give their vistors a good image starting from the entrance. A pleasant welcome at the floor level, in addition to an easthetic aspect tailored to the place decorating, supposes an impeccable well-groomed look. Heavy traffic mats, useful and functional, meet all these requirements and show indispensable qualities for this use.

Needs and constraints to be taken into account

With EntranceMattingSystems.co.uk, the client advisors help customers to design their clean-off zone projects tailored to the use and place configuration. No matter the economic activity of the place to be equipped, shops, public buildings, or companies, the first goal of a heavy traffic mat is to stop dirt and moisture. But it is not just a matter of putting a mat in a rush. You must take into account various parameters: entrance organisation, specific safety constraints, the nature of the activity, and sometimes the respect of a communication charter in the aesthetic choices.

Expert advices from the EntranceMattingSystems.co.uk specialists lead to the creation of clean-off zones tailored to heavy traffic. Here is an example of the perfect solution for a building entrance with a vaste public. It is a theatre whose hall has a floor where spectators must arrive with dry and clean feet. This kind of configuration, in length, allowed to install 3 successive inset mats which stop 3 types of dirt: coarse, fine and damp dirt. Perfect result!

The technical characteristics of heavy traffic entrance mats 

The diversity of products from EntranceMattingSystems.co.uk covers all the needs in heavy traffic entrance mats. The built-in mat system is a true professional tool for that. The resistance of the aluminium frame gives to the mat a true stability which allows heavy traffic. The mat, whose thickness is chosen in accordance with the thickness of the aluminium profile and the load it can support, can resist heavy loads. The ribbed carpet inserts (reps), in polypropylene fibres, black rubber or bruch strip inserts, combine their function for a maximum efficiency. These built-in mats have a very interesting characteritic as well: they are made to measure. These mats open up all possibilities in terms of cutting, a perfect adaptation to buildings and a true fanciful touch for originality lovers. For the under cover and interior spaces that must resist to rolling loads passages, the mats in aluminium profiles that cannot be deformed with sound isulation, are recommended. They have absorbent ribbed carpets inserts.

The regular maintenance of inter-profile spaces of the mats is essential to ensure performance and mat lifetime. Simplicity and efficiency characterize the cleaning procedures. A broom, a powerful vacuum cleaner and a high-pressure cleaner are suitable according to the type of dirt.



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