What to be avoided when you choose your entrance mat?


When you choose an entrance mat, it is not an ordinary act. In a house, a public building or even in a shop, the house entrance is a key location, a meeting point. Individual or business manager, you really want to succed your place decorating, managing all the parameters. Here are some advices linked to key elements: space configuration, doormat size, material and colour.

Do not buy your mat on impulse, think about its position in your entrance.

In an apartment or a house, the doormat must not block the door opening, the one of the entrance but the ones of the other doors that drive to the entrance as well. If you choose a mat to put on the floor, it necessarily needs to take into account its thickness. An entrance mat must be designed specially for this use, we have some difficulties imagining a mat with long-pile rugs for example…

For a public welcoming place, the door mat place must match with its first function, that is to say, remove dust and dirt under the feet. Inside or outside, the best thing is that it must fit the width of the entrance doors. If it is smaller than the size required, it is not useful compared to the other floor coverings. Visually, an illusion of harmony must emerge from the entrance. Do not hesitate to choose a great length of mat, in order to have a good transition between inside and outside.

Take the context into account to choose the good entrance mat size

The size of the doormat is a key element and the space in which it will go has to be defined with precision. Do not hesitate to do a paper pattern in order to have a clear picture of the project. Good proportions between the size of the the room and the one of the mat have to be respected. The doormat does not have to be omnipresent and fill all the space available. On the contrary, it does not have to be too small and not enough useful indeed. This choice is even more important if you choose an inset mat that requires to dig  into the floor to install it into thanks to a floor casing. Contact professionals to define the most appropriate model to your entrance configuration. They are the best onces to inform you on mat models that you do not know as the “by the roll” range for example.

Be careful not to buy a mat tasteless! The entrance mat also enters into the decoring of your house or shop

If the entrance mat is functional above all, its aspect and colour can have a considerable impact on the decor. Choose the colours and patterns according to the existing decoration, furniture, and atmosphere. Do not take a strong colour if the context is very colorful already or if there are several shades. It is better to take a neutral colour. If, on the contrary, the atmosphere is monochrome , indulge yourself with a colour that gives a touch of originality. Why not green anise, purple or turquoise? For traders or entrepreneurs who wish to give your building a good look, the choice of a logo or an illustration in relation to their activity can be very useful.


Do not look for something different at all costs!

The entrance mat is located in a passage area and its functional aspect is fundamental. It must perfectly ensures its function with an easy maintenance. The best thing is to choose a washable mat to guarantee a permanent cleanliness, especially if you like bright colours. The mats proposed by EntranceMattingSystems.co.uk are manufactured with resistent materials, for intense use and meet all the constraints of an entrance.


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