Want a mat made (just) for you ? Choose a logo mat

Brand Your Business with a Logo Mat Made Just for You

As a business owner, you can appreciate the many ways entrance mats enhance your life.
They keep your premises clean by removing dust, dirt and mud and prevent it being tracked in. They confer an air of professionalism and responsibility. They enhance safety by keeping your floors clean and dry. And they even help you save on cleaning costs.
But did you know that your door mats can also work to promote your brand ? That’s the promise of logo mats, high-quality floor mats featuring your logo and message.

Branding and the Power of Logo Mats

In today’s competitive business environment, you need to take every opportunity to promote your organisational image. Whether you own or operate a school, clinic, salon, shop, restaurant, office building or other venture, your success depends on standing out from the crowd.
Logo mats help you do this. Positioned right at the entrance to your premises, they’re the first thing visitors see. So done well, they make a great and memorable first impression.
Logo mats are ideal for home owners, too. An entrance mat showing a cute graphic and welcoming message makes your home unique and elegant. In that regard, these mats make great gifts for someone getting married or moving into a new house.

How to Order Your Logo Mats

Here at Entrance Matting Systems we make the ordering process a breeze.
Just visit the logo mat web-page on our site, browse what’s available, and choose your type and style of mat. Our logo mats come in both standard and made-to-measure dimensions. Premium mats come in 30 colours, and we also offer built-in and outdoor items with a choice of 16 colours.
After selecting the style, type and colour of your desired mat, your enter your text along with formatting information such as font, box size, alignment, style and any effects you require.
Then pick your desired size of mat, select the aspect – portrait or landscape. Upload your logo as a graphics file. Just click to preview your mat and get a quote for the price of the finished item.
You can go back and adjust any of the criteria any time. When you’re happy with the end result, just place your order and we’ll deliver your new mat to your door within 15 days. It’s as fast and simple as that.

Get Started Today

Entrance mats with your logo make a fine investment. On top of keeping your premises safe and clean, and bolstering your image, they’ll also keep working to promote your brand. For logo entrance mats that are hard-wearing, weather-resistant, and stylish, check out our range of professional cleaning mats today.

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