How to integrate an entrance mat in a home or work office decor?

The home entrance is a place of transition between outside and private life, the first place we discover. The residents must feel great and have the feeling to be at home immediately because the place reflects their own personality. As well as for the visitors, it gives a first impression of the atmosphere and decor. Indeed, it is important to take care of its interior design and to make it welcoming and friendly. In this environment, the entrance mat has a functional role but it has to be integrated with the choice of materials and colours. offers a wide range of products which will meet all your expectations.

The entrance mat is a practical accessory above all, it allows you to wipe your feet. If the house configuration is ok, having a doormat in the outside, in front of the door is a considerable advantage that allows the disposal of a major part of dirt under shoes. In this case, an abrasive doormat on aluminium frame with surrond is the recommended model. Designed for an intensive outdoor use, it is very resistant and easy to integrate in the floor of any environment. This kind of doormat to inset can also find an indoor place where it ensures an efficient protection. This open roll-up system very usefull allows matting changes easily. Various available colours, classic or flashy like orange or purple, mottled or solid colours, meet all your desires.

Whether big or small entrance, the doormat is a true part of the decor. In the first case, a classic mat with special dimensions (from 40×60 cm to 90×150 cm) meet your expectations. The different  models proposed by are machine washable , 100% polyamide fibre to absorb dirt with a vinyl underlay. You can choose between different colours: the classic ones, grey or black, or more flashy as green, purple, or red for the most challenging people who want to boost their entrance. A practical tip: in order to define the good dimensions of your mat and its perfect location, it only needs to do a paper pattern.

If the entrance is more large, not a traffic place but a true place to live, the doormat must perfectly be integrated to the configuration and to the real use of the room. Small living room, library, storage space with cupboards, the entrance is tailored to everyday life and introduces the style of the whole home. The decor can be coloured, with colourful paintings or soft and monochrome. The range of made-to-measure doormats by coordinates with all our products, classic doormats, coir mats and doormats on aluminium frame.

If the entrance is a corridor as well, a long mat could give a good effect. It becomes an original decorating place. The neutral colours match with all styles, beige colours bring softness and brightness while brown colours live up the atmopshere! Instead of these timeless colours, other warm and bright colours bring dynamism and happiness. Orange and yellow light up a room, even more with some touches of these same colours in the decor. Every colour gives a different atmosphere. Red for the flamboyant aspect, blue for the refreshing one, pink for the feminine touch, and green for the nature fans. You can also find doormats with two-tone stripes on If you associate two colours, you create a dynamic effect. The colour is a true asset in this configuration.


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