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Do your entrance mats fit snugly, look great, and deliver the kind of protection your premises deserve? If not, you should look into getting mats that are tailor-made. Read on to find out how Entrance Matting Systems can offer you made-to-measure mats that fit like a glove in any space.

The Key Role of Entrance Mats

Your door mats bring a vital but often overlooked functionality to your home or business premises. Along with their prime role in keeping the interior of your buildings clean, they also enhance safety by removing moisture and other slippery materials from shoes on wet days.
Properly chosen mats also help create a key first impression for visitors. Business owners can adorn them with their logos or company colours. Home owners can choose bright and breezy styles to suit their decor. However all these benefits depend on you having door mats that fit properly.
If your entrances or spaces are irregularly shaped or sized, this might not be the case. In such cases, you require mats that are narrower or wider or longer or shorter than standard dimensions. It’s important that you do things right because mis-sized mats look bad and don’t do their job properly. Fortunately, there’s an elegant solution in the form of a made-to-measure mat.

Made to Measure Door Mats

To ensure you get the perfect items for your particular premises, Entrance Matting Systems offers a customised floor mat service. Whether for home entrances, office receptions areas, or industrial settings, we offer bespoke solutions to fit any kind of non-regular shape or size. Ordering a customised mat gives you an item of precise dimensions down to the centimeter
Our matting solutions come in a wide range of forms in terms of materials, dimensions and type. We offer cleaning, absorbent, absorbent and abrasive, and brush doormats, framed or unframed, plain or patterned, edged or unedged and with various types of backing.

Easy Ordering from Entrance Matting Systems

Ordering is a snap. Just visit the illustrated made-to-measure mat page on our site and browse our premier selection. Your can refine your search by stipulating thickness, location to be used – interior, under cover, or exterior, price, and colour.
As you browse individual items, you can specify the interior dimensions of the well, or of an existing frame, or the exact dimensions for an existing mat you wish to replace. You also have the option of ordering an aluminium frame, along with anchors and fasteners should you require them.
After choosing your mat, just stipulate the quantity, colour, width and depth required. Our craftsmen can then fabricate customised mats that are just right for your premises in 10 days (72 hours for our “72-hour mat” range).
Order from us and get a mat that fits, functions perfectly, and brings the stylish, professional look you want for your premises. Just visit our made-to-measure mats page today to see the fine selection available. Whatever your doormat project, we can offer you the right solution and a fast quote.

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  1. tim bushe says:

    can you advise on the best mat for a domestic entrance please. T entrance is covered but open to outside.

    • celine says:

      Hello Tim,

      I need to know if it is a built-in mat, or just to put on the floor to answer your question, and what dimensions you need.

      Thank you,


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