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Do you ever consider how important door mats are to your home or commercial premises ? Most people don’t give them a second glance, but our business here at Entrance Matting Systems revolves around these humble yet vital items.

Consider what your average door mat has to do on a daily basis.

Indoor and outdoor entrance matting acts as a first line of defence by absorbing dirt and dust, mud and moisture, and all the other nasty contaminants that would otherwise be tracked indoors. This way, they protect and prolong the life of your carpets, tiles and wood floors.

Moreover, door mats are often the first thing a person sees when arriving at your home or office so they set the tone for the visit. That’s especially important for businesses such as shops, hotels, and restaurants, as well as homes.

Door mats have to do all this while being easy to clean and maintain. It’s a tall order and one to which our firm is committed to fulfilling.

Meet Entrance Matting Systems

Our company was formed with the mission of providing a versatile range of quality door mats to both business and home users. Our experts are constantly scanning for innovations in the field so as to bring you products that deliver efficiency, style and value for money. We offer a complete solution from consultation to sales to installation and after-sales service. And our range of mats is surprisingly rich and diverse.

Types of Door Mat

If you think a door mat is just a bland rectangle, a quick glance at our extensive range of over 2000 items will be an eye-opener. The fact is that entrance matting comes in wide choice of materials, colors, styles and shapes to suit all kinds of buildings.

Here’s a brief overview:

Classic Doormats

These are the workhorses that help keep your home or office clean by absorbing moisture and dirt before it can make its way indoors. Crafted from hardy synthetic fibres, coir, or rubber, they come in a variety of stylish colours.

Built-In Mats

These fit into a sturdy aluminium frame for stability and can be changed as needed. They’re available in a range of colours to suit any decor.

Custom Mats

Discerning customers know just what they want in an entrance mat and here at entrancemattingsystems.co.uk, we can provide it. In terms of colour, material, size and shape, we can craft just the item you want.

Get in Touch

So now you know about us and how important door mats are, why not explore the range of offerings on our site? You’re sure to find something right for your own premises. Alternatively, just get in touch and we’ll set about creating the perfect mat for you.

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